House Rules

Sober Living

A safe and supportive recovery home

You are in a Sober Living Environment. Your success and continuance in this environment is dependent upon your ability to follow all program rules and guidelines. Responsibility, accountability and consistency are key factors in living a sober successful life. The Opal House has a Zero tolerance policy and the inability to follow all rules and guidelines will result in immediate discharge. When in doubt… ASK!
  • No use of alcohol or any mood or mind altering substances. The Opal House has a Zero Tolerance Policy. If relapse occurs I understand I will be discharged from the program immediately.
  • Eating Disorder residents must follow their food plan at all times. Not following or adhering to your meal plan will be considered at relapse.
  • Submit to random drug screening/breathalyzer immediately upon request. No Exceptions, failure to do so WILL result in immediate termination of your contract with The Opal House.
  • Must attend a minimum Five 12 step meetings per week. Meeting list to be turned into staff weekly. If not enrolled in a treatment program you must attend one 12 step meeting daily for the first 90 days.
  • Must have a sponsor within the first 7 days of admission. Report the name of your sponsor to Administrator. Must be willing to sign a release of information for your sponsor if requested.
  • Residents are required to maintain a 12-step Home Group.
  • If enrolled in an Outpatient/Day treatment program you must adhere to all treatment guidelines. Being staff discharged from the treatment program could result in termination of your contract with The Opal House.
  • Must be employed within two weeks of admission, attending school or volunteering for a minimum of 25 hours per week. Enrollment in an outpatient or day treatment program may be substituted for employment in some cases.
  • Job search forms must be turned into administrator at weekly house meeting. No employment in bars, clubs or any other environment deemed unsafe by Administrator. Must get approval prior to starting new employment by The CRRA.
  • Attend Mandatory House meeting held each week. Be on time. No Exceptions. Failure to attend a house meeting could be grounds for discharge from The Opal House Program.
  • Abide by curfew. 10:00 pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends for the first 30 days. After the first 30 days 11:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 am on the weekends. Any exceptions must be approved by staff one week prior. No Exceptions.
  • Chores are required to be completed daily. Beds are required to be made upon awakening. Respective areas are to be kept neat, clean and picked up at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. Failure to compete assigned chore can/will result dismissal from the program.
  • No persons other than residents allowed inside The Opal House unless staff member is present or prior visitation request is approved. Approved visitors are only allowed on outside patio and/or common living area # 1.
  • No males permitted on property unless given written consent from CRRA.
  • Disruptive/Discourteous behavior will not be tolerated and can/will result in dismissal form The Opal House.
  • All residents and visitors must sign in and out when entering or leaving the property. Failure to do so can result in loss of visitation and/or privileges.
  • No entering others living areas without permission and the person being present.
  • No eating/borrowing food that does not belong to you. Label all food with your name on it as well as expiration date.
  • No giving out door codes or lending of garage key. No duplicating keys. If you forget your door code or lose a garage key report it immediately to administrator.
  • House is to be locked and all doors secured prior to leaving.
  • Abide by laundry schedule at all times. NO Chlorine bleach allowed. Color safe bleach only. No cleaning products containing bleach is permitted.
  • No borrowing of money, cigarettes, clothing or personal items. If you are in need, see Administrator.
  • No nail polish or hair dyes allowed outside of bathroom area. Resident is responsible for any damage caused by such items.
  • The Opal House phone number is to be given out only to sponsor, network or immediate family members only.
  • Smoking inside the Opal House is strictly prohibited.
  • Overnight guests are strictly prohibited.
  • The Opal House is NOT (at any time) responsible for a resident’s belongings or property.  Residents are responsible for the security and safekeeping of their own belongings and property.

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